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The Nexgen Empire Furnishing Inc. provides the best furniture .No matter what your personal style, Nexgen Empire Furnishing Inc. has just the right furniture for your living environment - whether it's traditional 18th century formal or clean, transitional design.

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We are Nexgen Furniture

A handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Passion and experience

We are committed to offer you the best furniture shopping experience possible. With specialized services including interior design and expert delivery, we strive to provide you with the best products and value available to make your home beautiful.

Perfection is the key

Every piece of furniture we sell is carefully made by hand, by one of our craftsmen. We have introduced reclaimed wood to our factory some 9 years ago and just as every piece of reclaimed wood is different, so are our craftsmen, each playing an important role in the manufacturing process, each adding some character to the products made.

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Nexgen Empire Furnishing Inc.

3625 Weston Road
Unit 12 Toronto, ON M9L 1V8

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